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Yes, these words describe us, but they do not define us. First and foremost, Lawless Distilling Company is about community, past and present, which is evident in the stories that shape our spirits.

Our home has many stories to be told and we intend to tell them the way they were meant to be told... over a good, strong drink.



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Cocktail Lounge

Our lounge is all about toasting to old and new styles of drinks. All cocktails will feature Lawless Distilling Company spirits and other house made additions.

We have a small patio as well as street and bike parking. Dog friendly in the summer.


Wednesdays: 4-10pm
Thursday: 4-10pm
Friday: 4pm-12am
Saturday: 4pm-12am


2619 28th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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For information on events email cheers@lawlessdistillingcompany.com
*Lawless cannot accommodate reservations for large groups.
*We do appreciate notification if you will be hosting an even/happy hour/special event at our space.
*Guests can order in or bring your own food. Bring everything you would need to complete your dining experience.

Seasonal Cocktail Classes by Bittercube


Featuring Cocktails by Bittercube

Bittercube was founded by Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz in 2009. After successful stints at Town Talk Diner (Nick) in Minneapolis and The Violet Hour (Ira) in Chicago, they began developing, formulating, and tweaking the lineup that is now the eight varieties of Bittercube Bitters. The first larger batches began maceration in July of 2010, and since then the business has grown to selling products in nearly 30 states around the country along with Canada, Australia and Italy.

Beyond bitters, Bittercube consults with a number of restaurants and bars, creating unique cocktail programs throughout the country.  Bittercube has trained more than 250 bartenders, many of whom have gone on to manage restaurants and bars. After dedicating themselves to the program, many alumni have opened their own bars, have become brand ambassadors, and a few have been selected to become full time employees deployed throughout the country. Marco Zappia, partner and third in Bitter Command, was one of those bartenders, he came to us with no experience and today oversees many of our consulting programs.

Meet Jeff our Bar Manager
Lawless Bar Manager & Bittercube Emissary Jefferey Fricke migrated to the North from Arizona early 2015, and since doing so has been seriously committed to what it means to be a hospitality professional. Combining southwestern vibrancy and warmth in tandem with Bittercube technique and advancements, Lawless Cocktail Room is a testament to innovation and integrity of ingredients. Constriction breeds creativity, and with the inability to source any commercial products outside of the distillery, even the simplest cocktails needs to be re-thought and reverse engineered. Fricke constantly carries the question "why?" with humility and elegance, and in doing so has created a space that is simultaneously dedicated to radical boundary pushing & accessibility. As Jeff would say "Let our room & I hug you"




Distilled from Wheat and Sugar Beets

Before, during and after Prohibition, enterprising residents of Minneapolis crafted illegal bars in their homes called “tippling houses”.  More functional than fashionable, the tippling house was the speakeasy’s less cultured counterpart. Tippling House Vodka is hand crafted in an area of Minneapolis once known for its flourishing tippling scene and notoriously labeled the “Hub of Hell”.


Greenway Gin

Distilled from Minnesota Wheat and Sugar Beets

Beginning in 1872 the Milwaukee Road passenger train carried travelers into Minneapolis on a stretch of land running though the south side of the city. Today, a portion of the defunct passenger rail line has been transformed into the Midtown Greenway, a bustling bicycle highway that transports people in a different way. Greenway Gin pays homage to this evolving tract of land by blending the past and present to create a traditional style dry gin with a touch of modern character.





Stop into your local store and requests Lawless Distilling Company spirits from the manager (one week later they show up in your store).


Buy online - thru the magic of the internet and our retail partners.


Occasionally you can find us in the news- to find out more about what is happening, check our social spaces.


Hand made spirits from born and raised Minnesotans.


Nate Karnitz

Business & Management


Chris Kulzer

Accounting & Operations


Kirsten Karnitz

Sales & Marketing



What exactly is the Hub of Hell? Word has it, it is the real estate that exists at the intersection of 26th Street and 26th Avenue in the Seward Neighborhood, southeast of downtown Minneapolis. It is bordered by Hiawatha Avenue, the Midtown Greenway, and the Mississippi River.

Though the area’s history stretches back long before the prohibition of alcohol changed the landscape of drinking in the early 1920’s; the neighborhood is primarily remembered for its relationship to ardent spirits, factories, and the Milwaukee Chicago Railroad. Time has taken its toll, and the buildings have since been razed, but Andrew Volstead’s Noble Experiment has left behind the ghosts of tippling houses, speakeasies and seedy blind pigs.

Once a burgeoning destination for the pursuit of drinking and fighting, the Hub of Hell, mid-century was the home of saloons, nightclubs, and strip joints where corrupt cops could strike unsavory bargains with the city’s underworld. Steelworkers from the Minneapolis Moline factory joined young men and women, coming of age during the era of the Vietnam War, for Friday night recreation.

In the 1960’s, gang members known as the Baldies lurked in the shadows. These boys, organized by the legendary Deuce Casper, engaged in fist-fights for the sheer joy of feeling knuckles against teeth. Restless, and needing to blow off a little steam, disorderly young men participated in gangland fights behind places like Duffy’s Bar, Pearson’s, the Hexagon, Nibs and the Stardust Bowling Alley, much to the delight of onlookers. These unnecessary battles kept the old General Hospital emergency room hopping on weekends. Now in their 70s, the Baldies continue to recount their glory days.

But the times, they are a changing. These days, you are far more apt to raise a glass of Lawless Spirits in a toast, than raise a fist in a backstreet brawl.