Lawless Distilling Company was founded in 2014 and is family owned and operated.

We produce, bottle and package spirits and liqueurs by hand in our South Minneapolis facility.

January thru October we offer seasonal menu changes that are brought to life in our cocktail lounge. November thru December- we are very busy making spirits bright by transforming our lounge into Miracle at Lawless a holiday pop up bar. 2019 will include many new surprises.


Sunday: 5 PM - 10 PM
Monday: 5 PM - 10 PM
Tuesday: 5 PM - 11 PM
Wednesday: 5 PM - 11 PM
Thursday:  5 PM - 11 PM
Friday: 5 PM - 12 AM
Saturday: 5 PM - 12 AM



MONDAY 9/2/2019, TUESDAY 9/3/2019, WEDNESDAY 9/4/2019


Lawless does not accept reservations or admit guests under 21 years of age after 9 pm.

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2619 28th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Looking for a gift?

Give the gift of a drink or two or maybe three. A round for all!


Cocktail Classes

Join us for an interactive afternoon for Bittercube's Seven Pillars of Classic Cocktails. Participants enjoy cocktails and learn basic techniques and formulas to create balanced drinks at home.

  • Enjoy seven different cocktails and additional tastings

  • Minimum 12 people

Our Products

Vodka ABV 40% / 80 PROOF

Lawless Vodka is distilled from red wheat and sugar beets. These two ingredients are sourced locally in MN and each lend a distinct characteristic to the final product. Our red wheat is proudly grown on the owner’s family farm in Cold Spring, MN and imparts distinct vanilla notes and a creamy finish.  The sugar beets soften the finish and add a slightly fruity nose.

Greenway Gin ABV 40% / 80 PROOF

Juniper, coriander, lemon peel, orris root, angelica root, peppercorn, and lavender rest in Lawless Vodka before being redistilled to make Greenway Gin. The piney bite of juniper plays second fiddle to citrusy, floral notes in this new western style gin. Hints of peppercorn linger on the finish.

Juniper Gin ABV 46% / 92 PROOF

The intent of this gin is to put a singular focus on the juniper berry. However, federal law dictates that a minimum of three botanicals must be used to obtain a gin classification. To meet this classification, a handful of spruce tips and a pinch of peppercorn are added to the botanical build. The flavor profile screams JUNIPER. The juniper berry is put through a unique maceration process, which extracts a green, ultra-fresh, piney pop.

Rum ABV 40% / 80 PROOF

Lawless Rum is a white rum distilled from panela and molasses. Panela, a dehydrated cane juice with the appearance of brown sugar, gives this rum a funky, island feel. Hints of overripe banana on the nose and a pungent fruitiness on the pallet are reminiscent of more classic molasses based rums.

Fernet Herbal Liqueur ABV 40% / 80 PROOF

Lawless Fernet is a bold and unique expression of a classic Italian Disgestivo. Fernet is a perfect after dinner drink to aid digestion. Made from 23 individual botanicals, Lawless Fernet is complex, herbaceous and bitter, yet smooth.

Bitter Orange Liqueur ABV 40% / 80 PROOF

Our Bitter Orange Liqueur is an elegant, yet modern expression of a classic and timeless liqueur. Floral and aromatic, with a citrus driven, bittersweet finish, Lawless Bitter Orange is an excellent standalone amaro. Died naturally and traditionally with cochineal.

Cocoa Nib Liqueur ABV 40% / 80 PROOF

Bold chocolate flavor with hits of vanilla,coffee, and raisin. 100% Natural with no artificial flavors or glycerin. Great addition to coffee drinks. Try adding 1/4 ounce to your next Negroni.

Canela Liqueur AVB 30% / 60 PROOF

Blend of four types of cinnamons and spices. Strong but smooth finish. 100% Natural with no artificial flavors or glycerin. Great addition to coffee drinks and hot toddies. Use as a curacao replacement in tropical cocktails.

Pink Gin Liqueur ABV 30%/ 60 PROOF

Lawless Pink Gin Liqueur is an homage to two classic cocktails, Pink Gin and the Old Fashioned. Created for the opening of the Lawless Cocktail Room as a quick restorative. Pink Gin Liqueur combines Lawless Gin and Bittercube Bolivar and Blackstrap Bitters, and is softened with hibiscus, citrus and spice.


How do you get our spirits near you?

Stop by your local store and requests Lawless Distilling Company spirits from the manager

One week later they show up in your store.


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Lawless is available for rent for your private events for up to 50 people

Daily from 1-5 pm

  • Select your own caterer or bring your own food.

  • Cocktails classes

  • Set menus

  • Ample street parking for easy access for guests.

  • At this time we do not have a private space or area for microphone amplification

    please email cheers@lawlessdistillingcompany.com with the details.